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Brew with the Coaches

What a team! Trish, Rebecca, Eddie and Russell bring so much knowledge and experience to the Tea & Trails Podcast. If you are a Patreon and you would like to ask the coaches a question, email -

Trish Patterson

Trish grew up on the remotest inhabited island in the world, Tristan Da Cunha. Living in a small, isolated community famed for its resilience and survivability developed her sense of adventure and confidence in harsh environments at an early age. At the age of 13 Trish’s family returned to the UK with just their suitcases to further her and her sister’s education. Trish went from a school of under 40 on Tristan to a class of 30 and a school of 700 in Southampton. Despite this extreme culture shock Trish adapted and thrived. Just 3 years later at the age of just 16 she passed the Army Officer Selection Board and at 19 Commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

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Edwina Sutton

I am hugely passionate about helping others achieve their running aspirations. I pride myself on getting to know each client both as a person and as an athlete. I work with you to help you to become the best athlete you can be. Providing you with the tools and the strength so that come race day you can stand on the line knowing and understanding your body like never before.


Rebecca Cam

Dr Rebecca Cam, GP and race day doctor, offers expert advice and tips on performing at your best.

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Russell Bentley

I am a fully qualified running coach with UK Athletics, with 10+ years of experience in coaching. I have spent a considerable amount of time living and training in Kenya, with some of the very best athletes and coaches in the world. I am the coach at Track Tuesday Treborth, a weekly running squad of 50+ athletes, where I refine my coaching skills. I also coach kids at my local track club. My passion for running runs deep (bit corny),  and I only take on a limited number of athletes so I can offer a superior service.

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