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The Green Runners is a community of runners making changes for a fitter planet. Founded after COP26 by runners including ultra legends Jasmin Paris and Damian Hall, we focus on four pillars: how we travel, what we eat, how we kit up, and how we speak out. Join Gary, Eddie and our community of nearly 1000 runners globally by making your pledge!



keeping outdoor gear in action through a global collective of changemakers. We help our member organisations save resources, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions. How? By sharing best practice on rescuing products, reviving them through repair and repurposing them. We advise on the best ways to redistribute items through resale, rental and donation and how to reallocate profits to regenerate the outdoors.

A benefit of our work is that it makes snow sports, running, cycling, climbing, surfing, sailing and getting outdoors in the right kit more affordable and accessible.


We did it! With your support, we have passed this baton mile after mile, day after day, for 32 days, from Ben Nevis to Big Ben. 🙌

Thanks to the incredible collective effort of over five thousand people, we have run, walked, wheeled, swam, paddled, cycled, skied, surfed and hiked the 2,661km route!

The 2023 relay officially ended on July 11th and we hope to be back next year to keep shining a light on climate action and nature. Stay tuned!

Running Out Of Time_Day 8_Newcastle_Credit_Mike Brogden (40).jpg


What is Pair Ups?

We have developed a trainer repair kit called Pair Ups to create some bespoke trainer repair patches that extend the life of your beloved trainers. Take a photo and then share and compare your PairUps.


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